Best insurance companies in Belgium 2022

Top 10 Best Insurance Companies in Belgium 2023

List of the top 10 best and biggest insurance companies in Belgium in 2023.
First, most of the biggest insurance firms in Belgium today are the health and car insurance companies. Certainly, this is because the majority of the insurance covers are necessary for Belgians. For example, health, home, car, and private life insurance. As of today, Healthcare Insurance is compulsory for all residents in Belgium.

Secondly, choosing an insurance company to insure yourself or even property can be challenging, especially when there is an increased number of insurance companies in the market. In the Belgian insurance market, it holds approximately 21% of active companies. Today, we shall share with you a list of the top 10 best insurance companies in Belgium for the year 2022.

How many insurance companies are there in Belgium?

There are about 105 registered insurance companies in Belgium as of 2022 right now.

Insurance cost in Belgium today

Currently, you will need to pay a membership fee (also called “lidgeld”) which is approximately €50 to 180 Euros per year. Inevitably, medical insurance costs in Belgium are done on a fee-for-service basis.

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Which Insurance Company is the best in Belgium in 2023?

AG Insurance is now the best insurance company in Belgium in 2023. This is because it offers the best policy prices in consideration of the services offered compared to the different insurance firms in Belgium.

However, besides topping the list of the top 10 best insurance companies in Belgium, AG Insurance Company is considered the second biggest in non-life gross. AXA Belgium is the leading insurer when it comes to non-life insurance.

Highlighted below is a list of the proven top 10 best and biggest insurance companies in Belgium in 2023 that you should consider when trying to find the right insurer for you.

Top 10 Insurance Companies in Belgium 2023

  1. AG Insurance. AG Insurance is the best life insurance and non-life insurance in Belgium in the year 2023 with a market share of 21.4% right now.
  2. AXA Insurance Company, Belgium. AXA is the second-best insurance company offering non-life gross insurance in Belgium. 12.3 percent of the market share.
  3. KBC Insurance Company, Belgium. KBC Group is also one of the top insurance companies in Belgium today with a 9.9% Market share.
  4. Ethias’ insurance company, Belgium. Market share: 9.4%
  5. Baloise Insurance Company, Belgium. Market Share: 6.8%
  6. Belfius Insurance Company, Belgium. Market Share: 6%
  7. P &V Assurances. Market Share: 5.9%
  8. Allianz insurance company, Belgium. Market Share 5.7%
  9. NN Insurance Company Belgium. Market Share: 3.9%
  10. ERGO-DKV-DAS. Market Share: 3.5%
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Concisely, if you are looking for a reliable and top-notch insurance service, the companies listed above are the top 10 insurance companies in Belgium as of 2023. This is the most recently updated list with the latest information on the biggest insurance companies in Belgium right now.

Last but not least, if you missed our previous post, here are the 6 things to consider before buying insurance coverage in 2023. Lastly, we shall keep you posted on this very page in case of any alterations to the list of the biggest insurance companies in Belgium.

For more, check out the current list of insurance companies in Belgium.

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