High CPC Keywords 2023 List

High CPC Keywords 2023: Google AdSense list

If you are an affiliate of the Google or YouTube Partner Program, you certainly know what the word CPC means. If not, here is a brief reference about Google AdSense as well as AdSense CPC. In our previous post, we listed the 10 high CPC keywords in the United States. Today, we shall list the top 10 Google AdSense high CPC keywords in the year 2023.

First, we hope that you are now familiar with the highest-paying Google AdSense countries in the world. It’s good to note that the value of CPC varies from one country to another. As a result, it’s important to identify which are the high-paying CPC keywords that will enable you to easily make money online.

Google AdSense High CPC Keywords 2023

Today, Trading, Insurance, Legal, and Online learning are the highest CPC keyword in 2023. Insurance is the second high CPC keyword in 2023 followed by Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency at the third position.

In summary, below are the top 10 high CPC keywords in the Google AdSense program in the year 2023 right now. Have a look at the list beneath from our most recent discoveries in the world today.

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AdSense High CPC Keywords 2023

1. Trading, Forex, and stock markets. It’s the highest CPC Keyword in the world in 2023.

2. Insurance. The high CPC Keyword for insurance includes Geico Insurance, State Farm Insurance, and auto insurance quotes.

3. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency topics.

4. Law and legal. Some of the high-paying CPC Keywords for the Law niche include car accident lawyers, personal injury lawyers, and many more.

5. Automotives (new and used car purchases and sales).

6. PCs, Laptops, and Tech gadgets (plus updates).

7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and blogging. The high CPC Keywords for SEO include online courses in digital marketing, SEO specialists, SEO companies, and SEO technology.

8. Health. Some of the high-paying health CPC keywords include treatment, doctors, weight loss, gym, fitness, and nutrition.

9. Entertainment and celebrity news. And finally,

10. Stress and Motivational subjects. Stress and inspiration are also among the high-paying CPM keywords for YouTube in 2023.


It’s good to note that the list of the top 10 high CPC keywords for Google AdSense in 2023 above is the most precise right now. However, we also have other CPC keywords that are high-paying especially when you are a Google AdSense publisher or advertiser. For example, Digital Marketing, Web Hosting, and Domains, just to name a few.

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Lastly, if you missed our previous article, here are the 10 high-paying CPC keywords 

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