How to Write Your Thesis in Google Docs Using Paperpile

How to Write Your Thesis in Google Docs Using Paperpile

How to Write Your Thesis in Google Docs Using Paperpile

If you are pursuing Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. degree, chances are that you are feeling not-so-good about it now because the thesis deadline must be looming over your head. You might not have written any words on your paper by now and relax; that’s okay! We are not here to judge you; in fact, we will help you write your thesis. Have you ever considered writing your thesis using Paperpile? If not, then this article is for you – read on to explore further!

Why Google Docs and not Microsoft Word?

Have you considered where you will write your thesis? Sure, Microsoft Word sounds like a great choice but what is the ultimate best one? You can find a lot of problems with Microsoft Word for instance, a lot of incompatibilities within different versions and operating systems; crashing while working and feature bloat issues. Does it feel agonizing to use MS Word for writing your thesis? If yes, it is time to let go of it and use Google Docs as a simple cloud-based alternative. It will assist you better in the following ways:

  1. You will be able to work from anywhere.
  2. You will never have to worry about losing the documents where you make changes because, unlike MS Word, changes are saved in Google Docs in real time.
  3. Google Docs even allow you to use the writing service offline, regardless of the surroundings you are in.

Does not it sound like a win-win situation? Sure, it does! If you are fed up with using MS Word, it is time to learn how to write Google Docs and a thesis using Paperpile.

Tips: Write your Thesis in Google Docs Using Paperpile

If you have finally decided to use Google Docs using Paperpile for writing your thesis, here are a few tips to make this process smoother for you. These tips will make this transition smoother for you! Thanks to technological advancements in the world of today.

1. Turn On Offline Access

If you’re using Google Docs as your favorite tool for writing your thesis, you probably belong to a generation that stays online all the time. Google Docs instantly saves all the changes in real-time because it is a cloud-based tool. What about the situations when you are disconnected from the internet?

Exactly! You will need to enable offline access to Google Docs and it can be done by marking a box in your Google Drive settings. Set up desktop sync to make all your academic and other files available offline. Have to go on a long flight? Commuting while training? No internet at the local coffee shop? No need to worry at all – just open Google Docs and start working on your thesis.

2. Choose a Citation Management System

Have you been keeping track of your reference sources manually to date? It is time to let go of these kinds of worries now as Google Docs will do the job for you. A dissertation or a thesis is usually one of the biggest documents a student has to manage, and it will have plenty of citations in it too.

When writing your thesis in Google Docs using Paperpile, the task will become easier for you. All you will need to do is to integrate the citation management system with Google Docs – and the problem gets solved right there and then.

3. Clearing Up Digital Workspace

One of the top benefits of using Google Docs for writing your thesis is that you will not have to continuously switch between multiple windows to get the work done. With the help of Google Docs, you can complete your research in-browser and do all the writing parts right there and then. It is not tough to get distracted by the internet while working on your thesis, so it is necessary to keep your digital workspace clean, tidy, and organized.

For cleaning up your workspace, asses the apps ad websites that you use regularly for research purposes, taking notes, and writing your thesis. Then, go to Google Chrome and pin those websites. It will benefit you as pinning a tab keeps a tab open and organized on the left side of your browser’s window. This way, everything stays handy and easily accessible whenever you need it.

4. Using Add-Ons

Over the years, Google Docs has become the most sophisticated writing tool for students and people in academia. Especially, the inclusion of add-ons takes it to a new level. The add-ons store for Google Docs is full of beneficial apps for students, and it has stopped nowhere – new tools keep released every other day.

Some helpful add-ons which can help you incredibly while writing your thesis are AutoLaTeX which is widely used for helping with statistical equations and other one are Thesaurus. Using Paperpile for writing your thesis is even more helpful as it offers a citation generator for Google Docs. That citation generator makes it easiest for the students to find, cite and style certain academic sources and citations in your thesis.

5. Neatly Organised Documents for your Google Docs Thesis

Your thesis will always be a large document and let’s face it that it will be unorganized at the start. It will be best to break the large block of information into smaller chunks for keeping it organized and easily accessible. The process will involve making several folders and sub-folders to organize different sections and Google Docs allows you to do it!

You can make several folders for different sections of your thesis, such as Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, and Conclusion. You can also outline these sections and keep them all in one place – organized and neat!

Even if you have hired online thesis writing services to write a thesis for you, you can advise the writers to craft your custom thesis in Google Docs. It is way better than receiving Word documents.

Conclusion (Write Your Thesis in Google Docs Using Paperpile)

These were the top five tips that can help you write an impeccable thesis in Google Docs using Paperpile. Rightly using all the features will make it incredibly easy for you to write your thesis. Using Google Docs is advisable as it is easier to use than Microsoft Word and helps you write your thesis better.

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