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Lowest Currency in Africa 2022 Top 10 Weakest

Latest list of top 10 lowest and weakest currency value in Africa 2022.
Today, over 30 percent of African currencies appear in the list of countries with the weakest and cheapest currencies in the world. Certainly, this is contributed by several factors that affect the economy and hence, the currency value of the nation. For example, political unrest, fund deficits, corruption, and so on. In this article, we shall list the top 10 cheapest, weakest, and lowest currency/currencies in Africa 2022.

Lowest Currency in Africa 2022

Today, the lowest and weakest currency in Africa is the São Tomé and Príncipe Dobra. Apart from the São Tomé and Príncipe Dobra, Sierra Leone Leon is also one of the weakest currencies in Africa in 2022. This is because of currency devaluation leading to inflation growth and imbalance in debt compensations.

Which country has the lowest currency in Africa?

São Tomé and Príncipe is the country that has the lowest currency value in Africa in 2022. The second country in Africa with the weakest currency today is Sierra Leone.

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In summary, we will list the name of the countries with the weakest or lowest currency values in Africa. Then, we will state the currency exchange rate against the U.S. dollars. Have a look at the list below to find out where each country is ranked on the continent.

Top 10 Weakest Currencies In Africa 2022

  1. Sao Tome And Principe, Dobra. 21,677.62 STD. It’s the weakest and lowest currency value in Africa from 2021 to 2022.
  2. Sierra Leone Leon. 9,740.50 SLL. It’s the second weakest currency in Africa 2022.
  3. Guinean Franc. 9,437.50 GNF.
  4. Ugandan Shilling. 3,694.91 UGX.
  5. Malagasy Ariary. 3,650.00 MGA.
  6. Tanzania Shilling. 2,313.90 TZS.
  7. Burundian Franc. 1,901.00 BIF.
  8. Congolese Franc. 1,711.00 CDF.
  9. Rwandan Franc. 937.50 RWF. And finally,
  10. Malawian Kwacha. 737.50 MWK.


In general, we have to all admit that the top 10 weakest and lowest currency/currencies in Africa in 2022 come from the undeveloped countries in the continent.

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