Picknhook website owner and seller revenue

Picknhook Website Owner and Seller Revenue 2022

Picknhook Website Owner and Seller Revenue 2022.
There are numerous online shopping sites in India right now that provide goods and services to their clients. Some of the major local players in the industry right now include Picknhook, Flipkart, Myntra, and so on. In reality, Picknhook is one of the fastest-growing and cheapest online shopping sites in India right now.

Picknhook: Website Owner and Seller Revenue 2022

In our previous post, we listed the top 10 best e-commerce websites and companies in India in 2022. Today, we shall enlighten you about picknhook website owner, revenue, and the Picknhook seller platform in India in 2022.

Picknhook Website

First of all, Picknhook or pick n hook is one of the most recent and popular online shopping agencies in India that’s undoubtedly profitable. Above all, Pick n Hook connects millions of online shoppers and sellers in India through an easy way of technology, the picknhook app. Certainly, this is because it’s one of the best electronics, computers, as well as clothing and fashion sites in India right now.
Here is a quick link to the Picknhook e-commerce Website (Picknhook Online Services Pvt Ltd).

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Picknhook Owner

Monish Pattipati is the current owner of Picknhook online services Pvt Limited. In other words, Monish Pattipati is the CEO & Managing Director of Pick n Hook Online Services Private Limited, India.

Picknhook Seller Revenue 2022

Thirdly, Picknhook is an online service e-commerce agency in India, Telangana, that specializes in sales of various merchandise items. For example, Clothes, Shoes, Accessories, and lifestyle products for both women and men, as well as kids.

Also, Picknhook is a leading distributor and supplier of Churidar materials, Churidar Tops, and Churidar Kurtis from Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Picknhook Revenue 2022

Last but not least, according to our findings, Picknhook’s revenue is not less than USD 380,000 per year. However, in 2020, Picknhook sales are estimated to be about $322,400.

Picknhook Locations in India

Lastly, here is a simplified direction to the location of Picknhook sellers or e-commerce company in India presently.

Picknhook Online Services Pvt. Ltd.
H. No: 1-53, Plot No-27,
502,5th Floor, Sagacity Heights,
Phase-1, Kavuri Hills, Madhapur,

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