What is a sweepstake and how to play it

What is a sweepstake and how to play it

What is a sweepstake and how to play it
Find out about features of a sweepstake and its most popular versions.
Sports sweepstakes is a common form of entertainment at bookmakers. It is reminiscent of an express bet; the main difference between a totalizator and a classic express bet is that the bookie includes matches in the coupon. The user needs to guess the outcomes of matches
selected by the company or the correct score of each match.

In a draw, the organizer collects at least 10 games for sports betting. A participant will win if he correctly selects the results of several matches – the bookmaker sets a minimum for each
type of bet. The more correct answers, the higher the participant’s profit. If you guess the results of all games, the user will receive the jackpot.
So, today we shall discuss what is a sweepstake and how to play it.

What is a sweepstake and how to play it

Process of a sweep stake

On the websites and applications of sportsbook companies, betting is called toto or super
express. The bookmaker adds events from the pre-match line to the betting.

Register. Some companies require you to undergo mandatory identification before replenishing your account and placing a bet online.
Bet only on events selected by the bookie. The number of matches depends on the type of
betting, for example, in the “Tag” draws there are 15 matches.
After selecting the outcomes or specifying the correct score. The rules determine the
minimum bet amount, read about it here and find out more about 1xbet sportsbook. The organizer divides the prize fund accumulated to date among winning bets in proportion to the
size of each successful bet.

TOTO “1X2” from 1Xbet
The most popular type of sports sweepstake. To win in TOTO “1X2”, you need to guess the
outcomes of matches. Typically, you need to predict 15 events, and at least 9 outcomes must
match to win.
There are TOTOs mixed with one sport. It attracts participants with the opportunity to win a substantial sum for a small bet.
“1X2” is also called a super express bet for its similarity to the principle of this bet in
pre-match or live. The difference from classic betting is that the player cannot see what odds
are relevant for a particular outcome, and does not know how many participants and what
choice they made. He must rely only on himself. There is no need to predict the correct score.

TOTO “Correct Score”
In the “accurate score” type of betting, you need to predict the final score of the matches.
There are fewer events to predict than in 1X2 betting, and the winning bar is lower. As a
general rule, correctly predicting the correct scores in a minimum of two matches out of a
total of eight in a draw is required to secure a portion of the prize.


In summary, we have to say that there is no luck here. This is because the player must rely on his analytical abilities and ability to correctly select and apply strategies for bookie bets. Statistical information will help you calculate the probability of an outcome and increase your chance of winning – click on the graph icon next to the game and go to a new window that opens.
For more, check on our sports column.
NB: We do not advocate betting since we are not affiliated in any way or with any firm at all.

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