World Cup 2022 soccer balls are charged

World Cup 2022 soccer balls are charged

Why World Cup 2022 soccer balls are charged. Trending images show World Cup balls being charged up in Qatar goes viral.

  • High-tech World Cup 2022 footballs need to be charged up before they’re ready to be used in the world’s biggest sporting event.
  • Why World Cup 2022 soccer balls are charged

A photo has gone viral showing how World cup 2022 balls are charged. All in all, the World Cup balls are indeed charged before every tournament. This is because the balls used at the World Cup in Qatar have a high-tech sensor, according to Fifa.

The sensor is powered by a small battery, which Adidas said can last for six hours of active use, or up to 18 days when not. The sensor, which weighs just 14 grams, gives ball-tracking in real-time; with cameras positioned around the pitch helping referees to determine offside and other questionable decisions.

Any time the ball is kicked, headed, thrown, or even so much tapped, the system picks it up at 500 frames per second. Data is sent in real-time from sensors to a local positioning system (LPS), which involves a setup of network antennas installed around the playing field that take in and store the data for immediate use.

When a ball flies out of bounds during play, and a new ball is thrown or kicked in to replace it, KINEXON’s backend system automatically switches to the new ball’s data input without the need for human intervention.

All these guides to almost rapid offside calls, totally accurate conclusions on goal kicks and corners, and always knowing exactly who scored the goal. Of course, this doesn’t mean the fans won’t plead every action of the way. 

Why World Cup 2022 soccer balls are charged

Franziska Loffelmann, the Design Director of Football Graphics and Hardwear at Adidas said the ball was also lightning fast.

The new design allows the ball to maintain a significantly higher speed as it journeys through the air,’ he said. 

That additional velocity comes from the fact the ball is made with water-based inks and glues, with dimples on the skin also giving it a much slicker feel; rather than using elevated surfaces like the previous balls. 

Uruguay goalkeeper Sergio Rochet said the extra speed makes his job much tougher. “Year after year, it gets better for the strikers and us goalkeepers it gets very tough… this is a very fast ball,” he told journalists. 

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