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Highest YouTube CPM Country List 2022 Top Countries

Today, YouTube is the number one most visited website and the best digital marketing platform in the world. Hence, if you have a YouTube channel, it’s high time that you understand how you can make money from it. In our previous article, we covered the highest-paying CPM niches on YouTube for 2022. Today, we shall enlighten you about the top 10 highest YouTube CPM country list for the year 2022.

YouTube CPM by Country 2022

Currently, most of the developed countries in the world are the ones with the highest CPM rates. On the other hand, the least developed countries usually have a low CPM rate. For example, Iraq, Somalia, Iran, Ukraine, and Serbia. First of all, it’s good to understand what is YouTube CPM.

YouTube CPM refers to a rating whereby you get paid each time your ads reach the required threshold. In other words, you’ll be making more money when your ads are viewed more often.

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Highest CPM Countries 2022

The highest CPM YouTube countries include Germany, Australia, United Arab Emirates, and New Zealand. Other top countries by CPM include Algeria, Norway, the United Kingdom, and many other nations across the world.

In summary, below is a list of the top 10 highest YouTube monetization countries for the year 2022.

Highest YouTube CPM countries 2022

  1. Germany. It’s the highest CPM YouTube country in the world from 2021 to 2022.
  2. Australia. Australia is the second in the list of the highest CPM YouTube country or countries in 2022.
  3. Canada. It’s the third-highest YouTube CPM country for the year 2022.
  4. The United Arab Emirates.
  5. Algeria. It’s also one of the best monetization countries for YouTube content for the year 2022.
  6. Moldova.
  7. New Zealand.
  8. Norway.
  9. The United Kingdom.
  10. Austria. And finally,
  11. Switzerland. It’s the 10th in the list of highest CPM YouTube CPM country list for the year 2022.

YouTube CPM rates by country 2021-2022

Finally, here is a list of the top YouTube CPM rates by country from the year 2021 to 2022.

  • Norway: $43.15 (CPM)
  • Germany: $38.85
  • Moldova: $29.50
  • Algeria: $24.50
  • South Korea: $17.00
  • Sweden: $18.18
  • Finland: $14.90
  • United Kingdom: $13.75
  • Canada: $13.50
  • United States: $13.00
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Lastly, here is a list of all the YouTube Partner Program or Monetization countries for the year 2022.